Choosing your season

Our hiking trips will take you to into the remote areas of the South Chilcotin Mountains where the wildflower meadows are in full bloom. From June to September, our mountains are transformed into brilliant displays of color, ranging from subtle pastels to fiery reds and purples – a botanist’s paradise.

Between June and September, choose your season according to the month that best suits your flora interests.

May – June is the time when the balsamroot first starts to bloom. Spring brings the bold and bright colors from the first wildflowers marking the passing of the winter snow. Similarly, animals are preparing for the birth of their young and black, brown and grizzly bears are feasting on new alpine grasses after months of being in hibernation, offering plenty of wildlife opportunities from the alpine meadows.

With its warm weather, July encourages more wildflowers to flourish, carpeting the higher elevations. Due to the elevation level, spring arrives in the alpine in July as the snowline recedes up the mountain slopes with wildlife following close behind.

In August, all southern mountain aspects are in full blooms in the sub alpine and alpine zones. A truly spectacular display of flowers beckons.

September brings the pinnacle of spring/summer blooms on the north slopes of the South Chilcotin Mountains. At the same time, the first dusting of snow appears around mid-September providing a unique overlap of Spring, summer and fall – all at once.