Camp Rentals

To those who prefer self-guided hiking or are looking for a low-cost hiking vacation, we offer camp rentals.


Hikers and yellow flowersOur hiking camps are found throughout the idyllic Southern Chilcotin Mountains. They are build at key locations, so you have a wide variety of hiking-trails to choose between. Whether your area of interest is Wildlife, Wildflowers, Alpine Ridges or Green Valleys, our campsites have hiking-trails with them all – and enough of them to hike for weeks!

Not Like Any Other Camp Rental!

If you exclude our unique wild- and plantlife and our fantastic mountain scenery, our camp rental offers might seem like any other – but they are not.

We provide guides and packhorses on the first and last day of your hiking trip, to help you transport personal equipment and food to your camp-site. The beautiful sight of the strong Cayuse Mountain Horses with hikers in between, is worth the trip in itself. Besides this service, we can customize your trip to include fishing or you could come by our ranch for a wide variety of activities. Everything is possible.

CampCowboy with packhorse

Cost And Number of People?

Our Camp Rentals are ideal for groups, sized from 5 to 25 people, in that most of our camp-sites are build for this amount. With that said, we are flexible and can, upon request, arrange camping for any number of people. As you can see on the table underneath, the most common length of stay is 5 or 8 days. The cost decreases per person, the bigger the group the lower the cost 🙂 Please contact us for accurate numbers.

What’s Included?

In all of our standard camp rental offers, the following services and products are included:

  • Lunch when arriving at the trail-head – where from the hike to camp starts.
  • Guides with packhorses, who will pack your equipment and food on the horses and guide you to your camp. Once you arrive at camp, you will recieve a map/area-orientation, so you know all the good places for mountain-vistas, wildflowers or wildlife etc. The guides will leave you, once you’ve been oriented, taking the horses back to the ranch.
  • The camp. Dependent on choice of camp, this will include a logcabin, toilet facilities and multiple tent frames, which are lofty and has comfy foam madresses.
  • On the finale day, the guides with packhorses will take you and your equipment back to the trail-head, where your vehicles are parked.

What Can Be Arranged?

Anything! We can almost make anything happen if you request it in a timely manner. The more common request are Transport, Catered Food, Guided Hiking, Fishing, Horse Riding and many other things. These are all add-on options that we can easily arrange. Should you have a more uncommon request, we will make every effort to meet that need. There won’t be any surprises – if we can’t meet yours needs, we will tell you up front.

Write us an email with your interest at or;         phone 250-238-2274 and we’ll have a thorough talk about you desired hiking vacation.