Come for a true Wilderness Trekking Adventure, one that will take you to one of the most beautiful places in the world: the South Chilcotin Mountains offer breathtaking scenery in an untouched wilderness. With pack horses carrying your gear, hike freely along narrow ridges with incredible views over endless mountain tops, Coast Mountains glaciers, or summit a mountain peak.

Our experienced Licensed Wilderness Guides will take you deep into the pristine wilderness on our 2,000 sq miles (5,000 sq km) Licensed Guide Territory, that includes McGillivray Pass, the Shulaps Range, and Spruce Lake Park — The Jewel of the South Chilcotin Park. You’ll safely observe wildlife, enjoy open-air lunches in secluded alpine basins, explore 50 million year-old fossils, jade, and marvel at the beautiful rainbow coloration on the glaciated scree.

Our trips are all customized according to your interests, abilities and schedule, they are suited for families, groups of friends, singles or couples.


While our ranch is easily reached by vehicle, access to the pristine wilderness in our guide territory is by foot, horse, or float plane only. The remoteness helps preserve the outstanding quality of the wilderness.

It’s here in the remote wilderness of the South Chilcotin Mountains, tucked away in the southwest corner of British Columbia, that the number of stars that sprinkle the vast night sky far exceeds the highest thread-sheet count. Where freshly caught wild trout cooked over the campfire is savoured more than the finest culinary experience. And, where, a view of towering mountain ranges doesn’t come at a “superior” cost.

Between the Coast Mountains and the Chilcotin Plateau, you’ll find ancient game trails, glacial fed rushing rivers, and wild flowering meadows all within easy walking distance to nature’s own masterpiece. And, naturally, deluxe amenities such as fresh alpine air, pristine glacial water, and azure blue skies all just part of the service.

Here, Mother Nature has surpassed herself. It’s what we, at Chilcotin Holidays, like to call 5 Jewels of Wilderness and Nature. Experience it for yourself.

First Jewel: The Terrain

Trekking in the Chilcotin Mountains ParkExperience the most unique terrain. Unlike the granite Coast Ranges to the south, rounded tops and broad U-shaped valleys are characteristic traits of the Chilcotin Mountains. The combination of distinctive glaciated shale terrain and glaciated rounded mountain tops are rarely found in North America. This makes the alpine easily accessible and summitting the mountains challenging yet obtainable.

Second Jewel: The Climate

Experience the warmth on your back from the midday sun. Located on the leeward side of the Coast Mountains, the South Chilcotin Mountains lie within a transition zone between the Coast Mountains and the Chilcotin Plateau. This favored position produces a rain-shadow — meaning sunny skies, a dry and almost bug-free environment.

Third Jewel: The Plant Diversity

Experience the haunting sounds of ancient forests bending to the gentle wind. Massive Douglas firs give way to trembling aspen and alpineTrekking in the Chilcotin Mountains Park tundra. Plants, representing both temperate vegetation to the south and boreal vegetation to the north occur together.

The area is renowned for its bio-diversity. The South Chilcotin Mountains are frequented by over 210 species of birds and 150 species of wildflowers blooming from May to September in hundreds of subalpine meadows. Inhale the heady floral fragrance as the wild blooms paint the broad hillsides with their palette of royal blue lupines, bright white and yellow alpine lillies, and Indian paintbrushes varying from shades of deep red to a delicate pink.

Fourth Jewel: The Wildlife

Experience the “Serengeti of North America”. Here the big game species of Californian bighorn sheep, mountain goat, grizzly, black bear, moose, mule deer, cougar, and wolf still reign. Witness eagles gliding on midday drafts or peer down into lush valley bottoms to see sows and grizzly cubs feeding on lush shoots of cows parsnip and horsetail.

Trekking in the Chilcotin Mountains Park

Fifth Jewel: The Scenery

Experience breathtaking and stunning 360° views. Find yourself surrounded by sweeping mountain vistas and panoramic views of wide open valleys. Enjoy an open-air lunch surrounded by mountain ranges, and witness nature’s artwork, as the hillsides become a natural canvas for the blossoming wildflowers painted with its vibrant colours. Be gently awoken out of your reverence as the wild native trout shatters the mountain reflections on the surface of the glacial fed turquoise lake. Overhead, summer blue skies are made more vibrant by the white of the mountaintops dusted by snow. And, as days become cooler, the mountains become ignited with the fiery autumnal hues of the fall foliage of deep reds, warm oranges, and varying shades of yellow.


Trekking in the Chilcotin Mountains Park“Chilcotin” is an Indian name meaning “People of the Blue Water”. The area’s glaciers clean cold water seeps out of the sandy shale mountain slopes giving the lakes throughout our territory an emerald turquoise colour. In prehistoric times, part of our guide territory was under the ocean making it possible for us to take you to see remains of this ancient seabed, studded with fossils on our wilderness hiking trips.

For hundreds of years, this area served as trading routes between the Interior and the Coast. It’s witnessed the heyday of towns being built up around natural resources like the nearby town of Bralorne where a large gold mine in the 1800s made this one of the richest gold-producing areas of British Columbia. Today, the area continues to serve as an important habitat for over 13 Canadian big game species.

On your wilderness hiking trip, you’ll follow in the footsteps of BC’s forefathers and have many wildlife viewing opportunities as animals migrate up and down the same trails with the changing seasons.