Choosing a trip type

With permanent alpine camps situated in our exclusive 2,000 sq mile (5,000 sq km) operating guide territory, on the leeward side of southwestern BC’s pristine South Chilcotin Mountain Park, you’ll experience places you wouldn’t see on your own and rarely see another individual during your trip.

This area has no other recreational activities, making the water, land, and air pure as when native Indians, explorers, and gold seekers used the trails as early trade routes.

After each day’s hike, you’ll rest around a traditional cowboy campfire enjoying the new friendships and sharing stories of the day’s hike in your private hiking group, as your guide makes a freshly prepared dinner.

Hiking Trip Highlights

  • Located in a rainshadow — meaning a dry climate, sunny skies, and few bugs

  • World-renowned biodiversity and breathtaking scenery untouched by civilization
  • Fresh mountain air, glacier clean cold water, and blue sky
  • Wildlife best described as the Serengeti of North America
  • Exclusive trails of Canadian cultural and historical significance
  • Unique geological formations and sandy shale mountain terrain
  • Rainbow-coloured glaciated scree slopes
  • 50 million year-old fossils
  • Over 150 species of colourful wildflowers
  • Variety of bird species

Once you have determined your skill level, have a look and choose the trip type and the itinerary that best suits your abilities.