Hike to Lover’s Bluff

Hike to Lover’s Bluff

Backcountry hiking is a special way to connect with nature and feel good about yourself. Chilcotin Holidays provides amazing views and trails that make the best hiking vacations. Nothing is better than hiking to a lookout with good company in the middle of the BC wilderness. Everything around from the flowers to mountains are breath taking. Hiking in British Columbia is something everyone needs to experience. Pictures do not capture the feeling you get when you have just climbed a mountain or the true beauty that can be seen with your own two eyes. For anyone who is looking for a real backcountry hiking experience, I would highly recommend the south chilcotin mountains.

At Chilcotin Holidays we had five wonderful guests come for two days. They experienced almost everything we have to offer. They went bear viewing and drove to a ghost town not too far away, had fun lassoing and shooting a gun. They had a riding, packing, and bareback riding orientation. There were a lot of different activities they participated in but they all thought the view at the end of their wilderness hiking adventure was the best part.

Kevan had the idea to go hiking to Lovers Bluff with the guests. I had previously done the trail on horseback and knew that the trail went straight up the mountain for a couple kilometres. I was not sure if I was going to be able to lead a group of five guests and three interns up to Lovers Bluff. The straight up climb was a little intimidating. but I knew how breathtaking the view is from the top. As we were hiking up the mountain one of the interns along the way talked about the different trees and flowers, adding some bushcraft survival techniques to the hiking experience. As we got closer to the top, the steeper the trail seemed. When we finally arrived at the lookout everyone instantly forgot about how hard the wilderness hiking experience was and fell in love with the view. We all spent a long time taking photos and taking in the view of the mountains, carpenter lake, and three ponds. Hiking back down to the ranch seemed to be a lot harder. We all had to do a lot of zigzagging back down which ended with all of us having very shaky legs. Everyone, still in awe about the view, did not seem to mind. BC hiking is truly spectacular and can be the perk to anyone day.

At Chilcotin Holidays there are endless amounts of trails for hiking. Each are just as beautiful as the next. The trails are full of all kinds of flowers, trees, and wildlife. BC hiking is as good as it gets. With the grasslands, sub alpine, alpine meadows, and mountain peaks the south chilcotin mountains create the best opportunity for real backcountry hiking.

-Karalee, BCLover's Bluff