Jogging in the wilderness

Jogging in the wilderness

I’m used to practicing sport when I’m at home in the french downtown, it’s always good to have a bit of exercise to stay fit!

When I came in the Ranch my sport routine was very improved, because of what? The wilderness!
Can you imagine yourself running in the Canadian forest with this huge feeling of freedom ? that’s why I moved here.

First of all I started alone in doing a small loop around the ranch just to practice my daily sport. I can enjoy the pure air and have a good view of the snowy top of the Chilcotin’s Mountain.
After my first few jogs some other colleges saw me run and they proposed for me to have one ! Of course yes!

So we went for a bigger sport time in the wilderness in some places around that I didn’t know yet! During this one, I really had a huge feeling of freedom.
Running in the forest, smell the different flavors between flowers, grass and ground. Feel your body in a healthy effort and feel the wilderness all around you, that is what you can expect if you go for a sport session in Chilcotin Holidays.

After that I was used to practicing 3 times a week my freedom sport session between my works hours or during my days off and all the time I had the same feeling.

Moreover, sport is really important for your health, mentally and physically. Here you can appreciate a healthy way to practice it, no pollution in the air, no sound of any car, just you and the wilderness.

Also, if you come here at the end of spring you will be able to appreciate the wake up of the nature, you will see all of these trees growing green, the grass growing up, the snow melting from the top of the mountain and all the wilderness coming to life, once again.

To sum up I can say that a sport session in the the wilderness here will give you a lot of unforgettable memories and you will feel free for sure.

Melvin, France

Jogging in the wilderness