A small story about our hike to Pearson’s lookout

A small story about our hike to Pearson’s lookout

When Georgina picked me up and told me about going on a hike to Pearson’s lookout with our guests, I was a little bit more excited than usual. I have never been on a hike in Canada before and I had not been out with the guests either, but I was really happy to see some new parts of the area around our ranch.

We started out on the hike right after dinner. First I just had to pick up some warm clothes, lace up my hiking boots and then I was finally ready to start. But “Whoa”, I wasn’t really ready. Georgina told us what needs to be prepared before you can go out with the guests. “Grab the radio and don’t forget your bear spray, if you go out on your own next time! I almost forgot it but after these last instructions we were ready to go.

It was 1PM when we went to Pearson’s lookout. We walked over the field behind the ranch and through the gate. Through the forest, over a small bridge made out of wood that lead above a stream. It was nice to be surrounded by nature. Before this we hadn’t been able to properly breathe the fresh air of the wilderness. On our hike we also saw some mule deer, frogs, Humming birds and some footprints of horses while walking the trail.

It was 40 Minutes later that we finally arrived at Pearson’s lookout. It was a beautiful view when we looked down from the top of the mountain. There was big valley right in front of us. There were several lakes and mountains on each side with snow on top, and a shiny blue sky above us without a single cloud. Of course we took a lot of pictures until we had to go back to the ranch to be back in time for lunch.

When we were halfway back one of our guests discovered some bones and hair next to the trail. It seemed like it was from a deer and we were searching for more signs of animals to take some samples with us. We looked around the trail and suddenly someone discovered a strange looking footprint. It wasn’t from a horse and it looked similar to a footprint of a bear. It was a dried footprint and although none of us has ever seen a footprint of a bear in the wilderness before, we were sure that it had to be one. We weren’t even able to see the toes of the print but we were able to see some of the dried claw prints in the mud. We took some pictures of the footprint and we took some hair samples with us as well. It was exciting to see such a footprint for the first time but we were very glad that it was already dried and that we didn’t actually see a bear crossing our trail.

As we arrived at the ranch I was really glad to be back. We missed the lunch but we had a beautiful view from Pearson’s lookout. We were able to see some animals and we also saw our first real bear footprint in the wilderness. It was a trip that I will definitely not forget!

-Mike, Germany

A small story about our hike (Mike)